Established in 2005, NexPower Technology is a subsidiary of a world-class leading semiconductor foundry, United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC). Since its inception, NexPower has committed itself to advancing the development and applications of solar photovoltaic technologies. Currently our major products are µc-Si tandem solar PV modules. We see ourselves a pioneer of thin-film silicon solar PV technology in Taiwan. Our staff consists of experienced business elites from various industries and specializing in sales, marketing, finance, research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, and administrative support. All together these high-caliber professionals make NexPower a world-class thin-film solar PV manufacturer.

Key Milestones

Jun2007:Fab 1 ground-breaking
Jan2008:Fab 1 manufacturing equipment moved in
Mar2008:Large-sized thin film solar PV modules released (Taiwan No.1)
May2008:Fab 1 mass production
Jul2008:IEC (61646 & 61730) and ISO (9001 & 14001) certified
Aug2008:TUV certified
Sep2008:Fab 2 construction started
Nov2008:Laboratory certified to UL WTDP (Greater China No.1)
Apr2009:UL 1703 certified and CEC listed
Apr2009:Fab 2 mass production
Jul2009:Member of PV Cycle Association
Dec2009:Mass production of 135Wp µc-Si tandem solar PV modules (Eff. 8.8%)
Mar2010:µc-Si tandem modules certified to CQC
Jun2010:Mass production of 140Wp µc-Si tandem solar PV modules (Eff. 9.1%)
Feb2011:Carbon footprint standards PAS2050 & ISO/CD14067-1 verified (World No.1)
Mar2011:Mass production of 150Wp µc-Si tandem solar PV modules (Eff. 9.7%)
May2011:2010 top 5 thin film PV producers
Jun2011:Mass production of 160Wp µc-Si tandem solar PV modules (Eff. >10%)
Nov2011:JPEG registered
Dec2011:µc-Si tandem modules used for the world largest thin film tracker project
Feb2012:2011 world top 3 modules
Feb2012:2011 best thin film
Apr2012:2011 top 4 thin film producers
Nov2012:Product Certified & Factory Inspection Passed by JET
Nov2013:WEEE 3R compliant test passed
Feb2014:Conflict Mineral Free survey completed
Jul2016:IEC (61646 & 61730) upgrades certified
Oct2016:Extensive Factory Inspection passed by TUV
Jun2017:New ISO 9001 certified