Our corporate culture lays on our five major convictions:

Integrity:At NexPower, employees hold the highest standard of integrity dealing with people.We strive to build up mutual trust with our coworkers, partners, suppliers, and customers to achieve win-win outcomes.
Sharing:Information sharing within the company is highly valued. The company is open to communicate with its employees on its operations, and employees are encouraged to share not only work related knowledge and market intelligence but also life experience.
Speed:It took us only 6 months to complete the construction of our first factory and headquarters building, a record breaking accomplishment in the industry. We are convinced that speed is the key factor that will help us win out the competition. Therefore we work hard to respond timely, based on close collaborations among our employees, in good quality to customer needs and changes in the market.
Visionary:We see us involved in an Olympic-class competition. We expect our employees to think big and pursue continued lifts on competence to become world class professionals. To be the gold medalist of the competition is our target and the common expectation within the company.
Challenge:Our corporate culture emphasizes positive thinking, encouraging employees to exploit untapped talents. We challenge ourselves to pursue higher goals and better performance, but do not take challenges as pressure. When facing challenges, we share better practices and give advice instead of negative complaints.